Bailey's Irish Cream Liqueur

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Bailey’s Irish Cream was created by Gilbeys of Ireland, a division of International Distillers & Vintners, as it searched for something to introduce to the international market. The Baileys name, and the R.A. Bailey signature, were fictional, inspired by the Bailey’s Hotel in London, but produced in Dublin. The alcohol and cream are homogenized to form an emulsion with the aid of an emulsidier containing refined vegetable oil. The quantity of other ingredients is not known but they do include a lot of herbs and sugar. The Cream used comes from Glanbia, and Irish dairy company, and has been the principal cream supplier to Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqueurs for more than 30 years.

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SKU 11078
Producer Baileys
Country Ireland
Size 200ML
Case Quantity 24
Review This Irish Cream is the perfect marriage of fresh Irish dairy cream, the finest spirits, aged Irish whiskey with a unique chocolate blend.
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