Mission Statement

To bring our customers the world's best and most interesting wines and spirits along with a sense of discovery and an emphasis on value.

Wine Philosophy
The true purpose of wine is to provide drinking pleasure and its most natural setting is at the dinner table. Its most enduring quality is its ability to represent the character of its fruit and its source vineyard. All truly great wines are made at the vineyard. Any good wine must possess a core of fruit sweetness and proper balance. Above a certain price point, quality and price bear little relationship. In a world where good wine has become the standard, distinctiveness and value matter nearly as much as quality.

The company was founded during prohibition in 1922 as Sparrow Cigar Company in bustling downtown Hoboken. By the start of the war the store had become one of the leading tobacco retailers in the state and had expanded into liquor.

The Luis family bought the store in 1977, by which time liquor was the bigger part of our business. When son Armando took over the operation in 1986 the emphasis shifted to fine wine and the store joined the pioneering Wine Source group, the leading retailers in New Jersey during the 70's and 80's. During the 90's the store was acclaimed as one of the finest wine shops in greater New York by major wine and food publications. In 1999 our flagship store opened on the renovated Hoboken northern waterfront at the old Bethlehem Shipyards with 6000 square feet and a beautiful view of Manhattan.

Today the store remains one of the leading and most respected wine and spirit merchants in New Jersey. We look to the future with great anticipation and the commitment to continue to provide our customers with the highest level of service and the best and most exciting wines and spirits from all corners of the globe.