Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing Co. For Amusement Only 16oz Can (23301)

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Jamie Queli started out as a beer enthusiast and then moved on to becoming a homebrew hobbyist. Now, she is able to add brewery owner to her resume. The 30-year-old New Brunswick resident is the founder of Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing, which took over the former Flying Fish Brewery building left completely vacant in Cherry Hill. Originally from Wall Township, Jamie said taking the leap to opening up a full-fledged brewery, complete with a boardwalk-themed tasting room seemed like the next logical step for her. I started out as a beer enthusiast, then finding information about beer and reading about beer which turned into creating my own beer, she said, adding that she recently left a career as a product manager in investment banking. The professional arena seemed like a natural progression. Having grown up at the Jersey Shore, Queli installed two skeeball machines, a spin wheel and funhouse mirrors, all while instilling both the memories of her time there, as well as part of the brand. "My favorite thing about Forgotten Boardwalk is the facility itself. My aim when I was building it was to make it into an experience. I wanted people to not only come and visit for the beer but come and visit and enjoy its whimsical setting. I put in skeeball machines, fun house mirrors, spinning wheels, and antiques. Its an adult playground. I grew up at the shore and I am a huge history buff. My grandmother used to call me an old soul as a little girl. As I visited different shorelines and coasts through my adult years, I found myself seeking out the odd history, most the stories people told me were lost stories but not completely forgotten. That is the vision for the company and each brand of beer. Each beer will tell an old forgotten story that took place around the boardwalk. I think it is especially fun to, not only have a great beverage, but to have a consumer learn of an old tale. People should stop by to tour a brewery, learn about the brewing process and its environmental impact, drink a great beer, play some skeeball and to meet new friends." - Jamie Queli
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