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Whether you’re a whiskey connoisseur looking for an easy drinking, all day (everyday) bourbon or a newbie looking for something smooth and light, Penelope provides that perfect balance for everyone While most Bourbons keep getting higher and higher in proof, Penelope is proofed down to 80 so everyone can enjoy a lighter, easy drinking bourbon on a regular basis.

Tasting Notes:
Aroma - Balanced corn sweetness, caramel, light oak, syrup, dynamic aroma profile with slight savory notes
Body Notes - Fruit, syrup, candied sweetness, slight savory grain notes
Forward Notes - Sweet corn grain with syrup
Finish - Candied, sweet, syrup, slight grain, great balance, pleasant fruit after taste

Penelope Bourbon is a company that was crafted in the classic entrepreneurial tradition. Mike Paladini and his wife, Kerry teamed up with his close friend and childhood next door neighbor, Danny Polise. Both grew up in Basking Ridge, NJ. They began to embark on creating a bourbon that everyone could enjoy and love.

Both found out in 2018 that their wives were expecting. Mike and Kerry always knew that if they had a girl, her name would be Penelope. The day they found out they were having girl, a light bulb went off. Mike and Kerry decided they wanted to bring together two things they both love so dearly – their soon-to-be baby girl, Penelope and Straight Bourbon Whiskey. A company was born. 

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