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Absente is abrand name of 110 proof anise liqueurs that has been marketed under the taglineAbsinthe Refined since circa 2000. Absente is a French word that translatesas absent in English. Absentes U. S. marketing effort had long sought toassociate the liqueur with traditional absinthe through statements such as. The only difference is we replaced Wormwoodwith a less bitter cousin calledSouthern-Wormwood, also known as Petite Absinth, which allows us to offerAbsente in the United States. Following the re-legalization of genuine in theU. S. in 2007, the North American importer introduced a reformulated versionthat includes Grande Wormwood (April, 2009) in an apparent effort to improveconsumer appeal.  The new labelproclaims, Now with Wormwood!
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Review Absinthe was always, above all, an aniseed- flavored spirit, similar to ouzo, raki and arak. The flavor is also associated with black licorice, to give it much more balanced flavor.
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