Averna Amaro Siciliano Liqueur

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One of the classic amari, Averna was invented in 1868 by Salvatore Averna in Caltanisetta, Sicily as a therapeutic tonic and soon became Sicily’s first licensed spirit. Today, the Averna family continues to manage this now iconic Italian brand. Production of Averna Amaro follows a secret recipe of herbs, roots and zest, and the final product boasts velvety texture and a bittersweet flavor profile. Unlike some amaros, Averna goes through a final time consuming phase of production includes filtering and aging in large vats. In order to obtain the perfect integration of all its components (the infusion, alcohol, and sugar), the amaro must age in silence, undisturbed for months in the cellar.
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Country Italy
Region Sicily
Size 750ML
Case Quantity 6
Review Averna is an amaro, a semi-bitter, with a uniquely delicate and balanced bittersweet taste. Velvety and warm on the palate, it is an expression of all the flavors and aromas of the land where it originated in Sicily.
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